An affordable approach to covering the high costs of a nursing home stay. If you understand the need for long-term insurance but find the premiums too expensive, short-term care insurance may be for you. By providing up to 360 days of nursing home benefits per confinement, STC will cover the majority of all nursing home stays at an affordable price.

Have you looked at your Medicare plan to see how a skilled nursing facility (SNF) is covered? If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, most plans pay for the first 20 days after a qualifying hospital stay of at least 3 days. Days 21-100 will cost about $150 to $200 per day and Medicare doesn’t usually pay for days 101+.


Days                               Medicare pays                                     You pay

0-20                                     100%                                                    0

21-100                               some                                             $11,850 ($150 x 79 days)

101-360                                   0                                               $55,640 ($214 x 260 days)

Total for a 1 year stay                                                             $67,490



With a Short-Term Care plan

Days                                 Medicare pays                                     You pay

0-20                                        100%                                                   0

21-100                                     some                                                   0

101-360                                     0                                                        0

A savings of $67,490. For a 65 year old, non-smoker, this plan can cost as little as $76.56 per month. To put this into perspective, a 65 year old, non-smoker would have to pay a $75.56 per month premium for at least 73 years before the cost of insurance would equal the cost of the nursing home stay.


If you have a Medicare Supplement Plan F, your plan covers days 1-100. If you are in a SNF for 360 days, you would owe $55,640. You would need to pay the $76.56 premium for 60 years before the cost of insurance would equal the cost of the nursing home stay.


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